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Blink Announces $99 Video Doorbell

Today Blink, the creator of the small wireless security cameras, is announcing the latest weapon in their DIY arsenal, a video doorbell. Priced at $99 ($129 with sync module) in pre-order, it will undercut both Nest (Google) and Ring by at least $100, all while offering a similar solution. Like their wireless cameras, the doorbell will have a rated battery life of up to two years, will not require wires (though you can use existing wiring)

In addition to the Blink Video Doorbell, the company will also unveil a companion battery-powered Blink Doorbell Chime during CES 2018, but pricing has yet to be announced.

“While other companies try to wow early-adopters with tech and unnecessary features, at Blink we are disrupting the smart home industry through a zealous focus on simple products that provide huge value at an unmatchable price,” stated Blink CEO Peter Besen. “We’ve taken our award-winning experience from our security cameras and applied it to the doorbell. We feel this has resulted in the absolute easiest to install, full-featured video doorbell on the market today. Combined with our existing wire-free cameras, consumers will have peace of mind that their entire home is safe when they are away.”

The release date has not yet been announced, but we’ll update this piece once it has. It is currently listed in pre-order.

Blink Video Doorbell Features

  • Easy DIY: Just install the batteries, connect to your Blink system and mount. Customers can also easily connect it to existing home doorbell wiring
  • Live HD Video with 2- Way Audio: Customers will be able to hold conversations through their doorbell from anywhere in the world in full HD video
  • Motion-Activated HD Video Alerts: When motion is detected, the doorbell will record short video clips and send an alert to the customer’s smartphone to view
  • Infrared night vision: Allows for round-the-clock surveillance, day or night
  • Extended battery life: Like all Blink camera products, the doorbell will provide at least two years of battery life with two AA lithium batteries and potentially more when connected to some existing doorbell wiring
  • Weatherproof technology: It is IP-65 rated to ensure this water-resistant unit delivers clear, HD quality video no matter what the forecast entails
  • No recurring or hidden fees:  Unlike competitors, Blink offers cloud storage with no monthly contract or fees
  • Seamless Integration with Blink: The Blink Video Doorbell can be added to existing Blink customer systems immediately without additional hardware or software

The above specs have not been reviewed

Pricing Head to Head

How does the upcoming Blink Video Doorbell compare to others on the market? Here’s the pricing comparison, and we’ll later have spec comparisons. The price listed is the current lowest price at the time of publishing.

Blink Nest Hello Ring Ring 2 Zmodo Skybell
$99 ($129)* $229 $135 $194 $80 $170
Pre-Order Pre-Order Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping

*New customers will need to purchase a sync module

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