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Anker Soundcore 2: Portable Music Power in a Pretty Package

The Anker SoundCore 2 offers a load of value in the features to price ratio, such as excellent battery life, water resistance, and a very ruggedized housing. While the quality of the sound is not up to audiophile standards, it feels impossible to find a better value at the price point of sub-$50.

Anker has built up strong brand recognition in the charger and battery sector of inexpensive tech but also makes forays into the affordable audio market as well. Among the speakers that Anker makes, from tiny to titan, the Soundcore 2 is yet another example of this.

When I first opened the Soundcore 2 I marveled at the look and feel. The speaker has a very attractive heft, a soft and durable rubber jacket, and enormous sealed control buttons. It feels industrial, purposeful, weighty, and solid. It’s not going to stand out and be fashionable, but it makes no pretense of such. It’s brutally functional, which appeals to me, but may not appeal to others. The candy bar form-factor is common now and remains one of my favorites.


Connectivity and Battery Life

Pairing was completely painless. I held the Bluetooth button down and opened the Bluetooth menu on my phone and that was all it took.

The 24-hour battery life impresses me at this price-point; it even borders on shocking. Especially when the more expensive Wonderboom boasts a battery life of 10 hours. While the sound quality won’t please an audiophile, and it isn’t built for loud outdoor dance parties, it’s capable of much more volume than I need for indoors listening.

Design and Durability


The sound is pushed by a pair of 6-watt drivers at either end of a simple metal mesh grille, with a passive radiator in between them. The right side holds a water resistant flexible rubber flap that covers the microUSB charging port and 3.5mm auxiliary port for wired audio.

Should You Buy It?

While not an audiophile’s choice nor a volume powerhouse, if you value battery life, rugged design, water resistance, and affordability, this speaker can’t be beaten.

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