Who We Are

Pugloaf is an experimentative media platform designed for sharing news and opinions on the latest technology, gadgets, and products. Our team is fueled by passion, the pursuit of telling great stories, and occasionally breaking the tech that we all love.PugloafWhy the pugloaf? Why not. Roll Hard.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Transparency and honesty are two of our primary core values. We pride ourselves on offering experienced, objective news, and as a result have strict policies regarding advertising and sponsorship opportunities. If a product is reviewed, in many cases an organization or brand affiliated with the product either lends or sends a sample to Pugloaf for review without cost. You can view our tracked items here, though embargoed devices will not outright be listed. We do not and will not accept any form of compensation in exchange for said item, and all incoming technology is tracked and documented. In many cases the item is then distributed back to our community in the form of a giveaway, donated, or retained for long-term testing.

Pugloaf does allow brands to sponsor or promote our completed reviews if they feel that it is favorable, which can either be done through their channels or our own. We also use affiliate links on our site, but it has no impact on the direction of our editorial body. If an article is published, it’s because it is timely, relevant, or interesting, and not because we can use it for advertising purposes. In the future we may offer sponsored content series; however, those will be clearly identified, and the advertising partner will not be allowed to contribute to the editorial component.

Meet the Team

Pugloaf prides itself on having a mixed set of personalities. Here are some of the brains behind the brand.

Elliot Volkman

Founder & Editor

With more than a decade in journalism, Elliot lends his expertise in this new experimental platform.

Isaac Rockett


Maker, Tinkerer, Writer, Reader, Tech aficionado. I live near DFW and enjoy the quirky side of life.



Bork bork bork. Grunt. Bork, bork. Bork.

Contributing to Pugloaf

We are still just gearing up, but in the future we will be opening Pugloaf up to contributors. If interested, please fill out this form.

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